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She greets them, imperious in blue-black and gold with a high Victorian face, she escorts them all to rooms so they can stay the night in her manor. Of course, closeness with death and the mysteries is the ancient mentor's Despite her elderly exterior, she easily fends off the Frightful Four when they try to kidnap the boy.

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White Boy by Tanika Gupta (Paperback, 2008)

I appreciate a study printed copy that would obviously survive numerous readings, moves, and the potential possibility that it would be routinely accessed as one devoted a critical reading to it. Ali is the author of numerous novels and nonfiction studies; I picked Illustrious Corpse simply based upon its intriguing title. The motive seems a little strange, as it seems as though she kills him because he has ultimately betrayed the progressive political vision and identity he first cultivated when they initially met and fell in love. So I executed him. Had to do something.

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You could call it a pre-emptive strike, to encourage regime-change. You feel that someone is going to do something terrible and you take them out before they can.

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Interestingly enough, though Desdemona admits to the murder, the government covers it up in the hopes of reducing any negative fallout connected to the administration in power. Without firmly answering this question, the play speaks to the murky gray zone of revolutionary change and radical activist approaches. In this case, a man named Ido arrives at his home to discover that his wife and son have been taken hostage by an escaped convict, Ogoro.

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Ido must face inquisitive reporters looking for the latest sound bites and ineffectual policemen, as he figures out what way he must act. The rather gruesome storyline of the play seems to be a meditation of the media circus that surrounds hostage scenarios and other moments of potential catastrophe. The bee obviously functions as a metaphorical device related to the question of power and agency in the contemporary context.

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An interesting and thought provoking play. It explores the contemporary high school milieu in an Asian British context. While he contemplates an uncertain future, turmoil surrounds him. A high school thug by the name of Flips is harassing a 15 year-old Sudanese immigrant and refugee named Sorted. But, the biggest revelation occurs late in the play and concerns Sadie and the increasing problems arising between Sadie and Bronagh.

White Boy (Oberon Modern Plays)

Sadie sees a vision in a field, a vision of someone who has died—her best friend was killed in a tragic car crash along with a number of others. Sadie had been the only survivor, thrown clear of the car. Sadie harbors considerable guilt precisely because she had given her friend an ultimatum and believes she had pushed her friend to take the car ride that would eventually kill her.

Thus, the play explores the various fissures and cracks that have emerged among the family members and the tentative steps they take to address their issues. What I appreciated most about this play is that there are moments of humor among the very serious themes. Meera, in particular, is an unforgettable role and it would have been interesting to see this staged simply to see the actress perform her dynamic personality. Also, as I get more interested in issues related to staging, I was impressed by the length of some of the monologues that the actress playing Sadie would have to pull off.

Every used book bought is one saved from landfill. Tanika Gupta has written for theatre, radio, film and television.

Additional information Sku GOR Title White Boy by Tanika Gupta. Author Tanika Gupta.

White Boy (Oberon Modern Plays)

Condition Used - Good. Binding type Paperback. Publisher Oberon Books Ltd. Year published Number of pages ISBN 10 ISBN 13 Cover note Book picture is for illustrative purposes only, actual binding, cover or edition may vary. Note The book has been read but remains in clean condition.