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She greets them, imperious in blue-black and gold with a high Victorian face, she escorts them all to rooms so they can stay the night in her manor. Of course, closeness with death and the mysteries is the ancient mentor's Despite her elderly exterior, she easily fends off the Frightful Four when they try to kidnap the boy.

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CrystalLakeKiller 26 January OK, first off, There was NO need for this film. Sissy Spacek was a much more believable Carrie. Angela Bettis -wel, let's just say, she wasn't even fit to play the wall.

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The kids in this movie seem so FAKE! They look like they fell out of a magazine! The characters they formed were exactly like the book! And, most specifically, the prom scene.

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Angela Bettis looked like she had been mummified. I give this film a negative The only horror and the terrible thing is that I've spent more then 2 hours on this crap. I saw that there is going to be "Carrie" on TV so I was happy to see one great movie again. I didn't read what version of "Carrie" this was and that was my mistake. But what a hell I decided to take a look.

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That was my second mistake. Truly stupid and poor try to be better then the original. How did they even come up with that thought of making this movie? With what? Actors-who are they?

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They are not good and Angela Bettis irritates me. Nothing,I assure you nothing to be seen in this one. Only stupid b-TV movie. The Original Carrie with Sissy Spacek was incredible. This dribble is pure and utter crap. I try to remain professional when writing a review, but this movie has ruined my senses. In comparison to the original Carrie, this movie is dull, boring and completely off base. Carrie actually survives her mother in the end. The ending just completely threw me off base.

On it's own, this movie is dull, boring and completely off base. The acting is terrible, completely unbelievable, and listless.

There were times I just felt like screaming at them the actors in hopes I could straighten them out. What is worse, I found that this was done only in hopes of creating a TV series! The network must've been grasping at straws to accept that proposal. All in all, when Stephen King dies pray in a hundred years: he will always be my favorite writer he will turn forever in his grave for having his name associated with this garbage.

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They're all gonna laugh at you! The original "Carrie" will forever remain one of the greatest horror films of all time, possessing two phenomenal performances and a talented director at the apex of his career, combining the stylistic flourishes of Hitchcock and Argento with amazing results. Yet expanding on the original might not sound like such a bad idea, particularly taking into account that the sequence, present in the novel, where Carrie destroys the whole town could not be filmed by De Palma for budgetary reasons.

But it also begs the question, as did the made for TV remake of "The Shining", if it ain't broke why fix it? The director clearly wanted to make the film stylistically the antithesis of the original, shooting it on digital video to give it a realistic, but nevertheless low-budget, feel. This doesn't work, for despite the odd inspired visual touch that transcends the format, it simply looks ugly here.

The cast do provide some justification for its remake, notably the superb performance from Bettis who, as anyone who saw the underrated "May" will attest to, was a perfect choice for the role. With her unusual looks and twitchy, nervy mannerisms, Bettis makes the film worth seeing. As does Clarkson, filling in a big pair of shoes from the monolithic characterization by Laurie in the original, but instead infuses the character with a more subdued nature, giving her a humanity that was never glimpsed previously.

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Elsewhere however, the cast let the film down, most disappointing of which being Isabelle, who was so impressive in "Ginger Snaps", giving a one-dimensional performance as one of Carrie's foes. What destroys the film however is the screenplay. Too faithful to the original film in its first half then too jarringly different in the last reel I won't spoil it but the ending is a travesty , the script's biggest crime is its interrogation framework, so cliched a filmic device that as soon as David Keith appears on screen all credibility flies out the window.

Please, momma - talk to me Not a total waste of one's time, perhaps, but pretty darn close. I won't take up even more of your time here by re-hashing the whole works for you, I'm sure you know the score by now. Personally, the thing I missed most in this bland re-make was Piper Laurie. Yes, I like Patricia Clarkson, and I'm sure she did the best she could with the direction and script she was given. The fault here lies with the writers' failure to include the lewd sexual undertones that were a part of Margaret White's mania in the original film.

We are given no clue in this "update" as to why Margaret is a Bible-thumping nutcase. All the background of how she became pregnant with Carrie, her "rape" by Carrie's boozy, horny father - that's all deleted. Go back and look at the '76 version, check out the scene where Margaret is crucified by Carrie's telekinetically-driven knives. Listen to Margaret's screams of orgasmic ecstasy as each wound is inflicted.

Study her beatific smile as she dies in the same pose as the one traditionally used to portray Jesus on the cross. Now that's camp for you!! Not a single trace of that is present here - too bad. JanWheel3 6 November I own every book he's ever written or had anything to do with. For the most part, I'm not a "fan" of his movies, I'd rather read the books and use my own imagination to play the movie in my head, so to speak.

The whole reason I even started to read SK books was because I saw "Carrie" on tv and it scared the crap out of me and my mom said, you know that's a book I watched this with an open mind, trying not to do the "well that's not how it was in the original" thing. For the most part, that worked I was very disappointed and upset for missing other, better shows to watch this piece of crap remake!

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Some remakes are said to be better than their originals. Sometimes thats true. This is one of them. Carrie may not have the same flair that Depalma used in the equally effective 76 movie but its a TV movie so thats to be expected. However, this newer version delivers more development, more intense sequences, especially the prom climax, and also a better ending in my own opinion but ill let you be the judge of that if you watch it.

Angela Bettis is a mixture of mousiness, beauty, and shyness and she was definitely born to play the role of Carrie White. Her journey from class doormat to vengeful prom queen is definitely a sight to see. Also, the whole police investigation into the case is really unique as well cause its already happened so it gives more detail into why it happened and the truth is gradually uncovered. All in all, The newer version delivers more than its share of chills and thrills. Worth a watch or two definitely.

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With the right editing, this could have been a really nice movie. And then Stephen King fans and probably Stephen King would have had a fit. There were several possible escapes that would have made it more 'Pygmalion' than 'Pygbloodian. You see, I'm not a Stephen King fan. Had I turned it off at the right moment, I would have found it quite satisfying. It still was, but not in the way I would have wanted. Don't read any more if you didn't read the novel or see the original movie.

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This one starts with the investigation of something terrible that happened, though it takes a while for you to know just what is going on as the mystery slowly unfolds between flashbacks. Finally you know people died, possibly as a result of a prank. The climactic scene, in fact, was much more effective since it didn't happen as quickly or as neatly. There were sprinklers in the gym; that actually worked to Carrie's advantage. From there, picture Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdicts. The sweet girl from earlier in the movie has definitely disappeared.

But the ending was a little different. A sequel seems more logical to this one; that's all I can say.