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She greets them, imperious in blue-black and gold with a high Victorian face, she escorts them all to rooms so they can stay the night in her manor. Of course, closeness with death and the mysteries is the ancient mentor's Despite her elderly exterior, she easily fends off the Frightful Four when they try to kidnap the boy.

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Karadis has a cryptic meeting with Viney, a seedy chap played by the wonderful Richard Vernon, unusually playing a lower class character with whom he is involved in some of criminal enterprise. He gives him an address and asks him to take a letter and an unloaded gun to an appointment there, to be driven by his chauffeur, later that night.

The man he is to meet turns out to be John Lexman played by David Knight , who has been changed quite considerably from the character in the book. Lexman has received a blackmail note and Karadis gives him a gun for protection and burns the letter. That night Viney goes to meet Lexman — we never see what happens, but while the chauffeur waits a shot rings out. Enter Scotland Yard …. Lexman tells Meredith that Viney had come to blackmail him and pulled a gun on him, so he had no choice but to defend himself.

None the less, Lexman ends up in jail. Meredith knows that he must be innocent and sets out to prove it.

Clue of the Twisted Candle

It is only at this point that we actually get to the locked room mystery …. One oxyacetyline blowtorch later, and Karadis is found murdered inside, with only a couple of candles out-of-place.

See a Problem?

The man clearly had the time to ring Scotland Yard on his special phone, but was then murdered and his killer apparently vanished into thin air …. He scenes with his sergeant Stanley Morgan are great fun, and it is no surprise that the duo re-appeared a few more times together playing variations on the roles later in the series. This efficient little movie, an hour in length, is plenty of fun, has a complex plot and plenty of intriguing characters.

Great way to while away a quiet afternoon, especially in the excellent new edition on DVD. Extras include liner notes by Kim Newman, stills galleries and another 7 films loosely related to, but not actually part of, the series. Cheers Vinnie — the new DVD box sets are tremendously good value and if you like little black and white mysteries, I think this would be an excellent imvestment! Episodes have been available on the gray market for years but as far as I know, this is the first official set of the films to have been produced.

You can view Partners in Crime , one of the earlier films in the series and in which Bernard Lee and Stanley Morgan essentially reprise their roles from Twisted Candle , on YouTube here. Sergio — A thorough and thoughtful discussion of this film and book. It sounds as though the collapsing of the timeline worked in the film. And some great characters too.

Nicely done here! Thnaks very much Margot. Wallace always seems like an author that should translate well, especially for his emphasis on dialogue he wrote two dozen plays after all and of course he was belatedly very heavily involved in movies from the late 20s, even directing one and becoming part of a company contracted to make adaptations of his work at a rate of one a month at one stage.

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He would later write and produce the s version of Raffles starring Anthony Valentine and also scripted many of the segments of the Rivals of Sherlock Holmes series taken from the Hugh Greene anthology. Thanks also for the very interesting background on the film.

I usually find it very easy to separate adaptations from the sources though I know others really object. Certainly, it can be very frustrating when you disagree with the reason for a change or think it lacks integrity. Luckily, in the case of the Wallace series where it is only about providing entertainment, there is nothing to ever get upset about!


Well, the connection to those other shows is admittedly only through Philip Mackie but he was one of the most prolific writers of the Edgar Wallace films. I particularly love his Raffles series, which I felt often improved on the original stories actually. Many of them are rather naughtily available on YouTube such as here. Interesting choice, Sergio. A dead body in a room locked from the inside and a couple of displaced candles as possible clues ought to make this an intriguing film to watch.

The DVD sets would seem a better idea. The book is easy to get as a free PDF for download from several online sources — hope you enjoyt it. Nice one Sergio.

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The Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar WALLACE Full AudioBook

Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre — Rate This. Season 1 Episode 2. All Episodes Director: Allan Davis. Writer: Philip Mackie screenplay.

The Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar Wallace

Films watched Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Bernard Lee Superintendent Meredith David Knight Lexman Francis De Wolff Grace Christine Shaw Linda Buckland Stanley Morgan Sergeant Anson A.

Commissioner of Police as A. Brown Richard Caldicot Fisher Edmond Bennett Manservant Simon Lack Jock Anthony Baird Sergeant Butterfield Gladys Henson Landlady Alfred Maron Finch Richard Vernon Viney Harry Locke Edit Details Country: UK. Language: English. Runtime: 61 min.

Color: Black and White.