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She greets them, imperious in blue-black and gold with a high Victorian face, she escorts them all to rooms so they can stay the night in her manor. Of course, closeness with death and the mysteries is the ancient mentor's Despite her elderly exterior, she easily fends off the Frightful Four when they try to kidnap the boy.

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Take a Peek! Moving on, she's now working as a receptionist at Beville Holdings. However, it was bought out by a young Polish immigrant, Jason Pollack. Now what's going to happen with a new boss?

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Well, in Jason's case, he only bought the company because of a dream he had, he was enchanted by a beautiful blonde woman. She didn't realize how attracted he was until she finally met him. On the other hand, Jason really wants her, but never plans to marry again. Right after Leah's meeting for a 'private' review as an employee, Jason told her that he's serious about her, but Leah rejected him.

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Anyways, there's a lot of things that happened, but one thing is for sure, you'll like how the story goes until the end, so I suggest you read it! The story and artwork were really fantastic, so I rate it 5 stars! The list is for scanlators only so they know what I have and can ask me the raws.

They are only for scanlators who would request them to work on their translations. Harlequin comics are now translated regularly by the Japanese publisher themselves into English and can be purchased at many ebookstores. The non-Harlequin mangas are still scarcely translated though.

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  • The Billionaire Boss's Forbidden Mistress Book by Miranda Lee!

Thank you for you kind word. She is the translator and this is her very first scanlation.

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