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She greets them, imperious in blue-black and gold with a high Victorian face, she escorts them all to rooms so they can stay the night in her manor. Of course, closeness with death and the mysteries is the ancient mentor's Despite her elderly exterior, she easily fends off the Frightful Four when they try to kidnap the boy.

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There has never been a better time to join The OT Practice. Sign up to receive regular newsletters with the latest about being in private practice, including any news or opportunities from The OT Practice - a must for both those thinking about doing private work as well as those already there. Interested in Private Practice. Powers is a wonderful writer, and in this intricately structured book he is at his best. He pulls together the most unlikely heroes—an engineer, a Vietnam veteran who is saved from death by a giant banyan tree, a hard-partying undergraduate who has a near-death experience, and a deaf scientist, among others—from all corners of the earth for a great adventure, a battle to save the last virgin forests of our continent.

The eloquence with which he describes these forests—and their endangerment—touched me deeply. I will not be exaggerating if I say it changed how I see the world and my place in it. The book won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Most deserved. Most intellectual history is pompous and ponderous, but this book about America's original sin is accessible and easy to follow.

Kendi explains how this country's putrid pool of prejudice was dug and why we find it so hard to climb out. Most of us have heard about the internment of , Japanese most of them U. Russell's book is about a long-secret aspect of that policy: thousands of Japanese families and several hundred German and Italian families—some kidnapped in Latin America—that were interned at a camp west of San Antonio.

Using official records, letters, and interviews with survivors, Russell paints intimate portraits of the innocent men, women, and children who were used as pawns in prisoner exchanges with Germany and Japan. I'm not surprised that this book has been republished all these years later because it is a masterly weaving together of illuminating quotations from seventeenth- and eighteenth-century pamphlets to make a compelling narrative of the evolution of ideas that resulted in the U.

I've never read anything with so many footnotes that was written so clearly and with such passion.

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The beloved poet Mary Oliver died this year, and, in remembering her, I marveled, as always, at the way she combined fine craftsmanship with an utterly open heart that welcomed in everybody. You don't have to love poetry to love the poems of Mary Oliver and read them aloud to yourself and friends. Any of her books are wonderful, but I especially recommend Evidence for its simple poems about grieving and loss.

For readers interested in the history of gender and slavery, They Were Her Property reveals that Southern slaveholding women's role in the perpetuation of slavery was much more than that of passive observer or unintentional accomplice. Examining how Southern slave-owning women engaged in and benefited from the slave market, Jones-Rogers upends persistent notions that Southern slave-owning women were somehow removed from the brutal business of enslavement. This compelling narrative forces us to rethink not only what we thought we knew about women as economic actors but about them as individuals who pushed against the limits of gender norms and statutory law to protect and advance their own financial interests and social status.

In his annual message to Congress in , Abraham Lincoln begins his final paragraph with the following sentence: "Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history. Lepore writes what she considers both political history and a civics text. In her work, she explores not just history but the method of history. She acknowledges a deep divide that currently exists in the United States. According to Lepore, this divide rests upon differing understandings of the "truths" that define American society.

Glory Days - Witness of Love: Memoir of a Lesbian - Book 3 by Ella Jane Sandwell

Stretching to nearly eight-hundred pages, the book is not a light summer read, but the greatest joy and challenge that comes from reading this book is found in Lepore's provocative interpretations of the meaning of these truths. Paul Woodruff writes compact books teeming with expansive insight. His latest volume, The Garden of Leaders , is a provocative call for a reinvention of higher education to cultivate true leaders. Woodruff, the Darrell Royal Professor of Ethics at UT Austin, explains how student-centered, humanities-based curriculum can prepare both talented leaders and discerning followers.

The expensive athletic coaches, too, are gone. Their replacements—if any—are chosen by the student members of club teams. As Woodruff explains, cultivating leaders is a very different art than training managers, and followership is not synonymous with obedience. His book could not be more timely. Summer seems ideal for intermittent reading, so if you're a short story lover, add this title to your list.

Kali Fajardo-Anstine is an important new voice in Latinx lit who acknowledges her indigenous roots and like many of us does not consider these designations to be mutually exclusive. Perhaps because of this, her writing is deeply rooted in the American Southwest, and the stories spring forth with a natural elegance that will carry any reader through windows of hurt, healing, revelation, and intrigue. I'm currently sharing this read with my mother and teen daughter in preparation for our summer trip to Colorado.

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Kali writes place so well that this book becomes a compelling travel companion. Also in the vein of bite-sized reading is this fascinating collection of love letters.

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  • They are addressed to you, Dear Reader, of any age. And the lauded topic is reading itself. Those who penned the letters are, of course, writers but also "scientists, philosophers, artists, and inspiring humans. Pick this up to fall in love with reading all over again and to remember your own entry into the magical affair.

    Ibram X. Kendi's Stamped from the Beginning , a history of racist policies in the United States, won the National Book Award for Nonfiction and charged a wide-ranging discussion about racial inequality. In this follow-up, Kendi promises to craft a way forward, employing a variety of intellectual approaches and weaving in his personal story. As evidenced by his engaging writing in The Atlantic and elsewhere, Kendi's work speaks to our current moment in provocative and fascinating ways.

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    The landscape of American sportswriting is stuffed with snarky bloggers, lazy writers who substitute statistics for insight, and grumpy old dudes. Thompson is something else. In his beautifully-wrought profiles of athletes, he reminds us that sports reflect the human condition in all its complexities. The Cost of These Dreams collects his best pieces. Collectively, they paint a portrait of American sports in the twenty-first century—what they mean and why we care.

    While chronicling the woes and ridiculousness of an English professor entirely through his letters of recommendation, it not only skewers the world of higher education but also possesses a genuine human warmth. I can't wait to spend some time this summer with the follow-up, The Shakespeare Requirement , in which the protagonist becomes the department chair. As someone finishing up his six-year term as department chair, I can personally attest that, if you wish to both laugh at absurdities and plumb the depths of the human soul, low-level academic administration is the way to go.

    One of the leading scholars in the field of Lincoln studies writes about this important but often neglected aspect of Lincoln's life. After reading this book, I came away understanding how important humor was to Lincoln personally and how he used it to accomplish his goals. Besides that, it was a fun book to read! Johns Hopkins professor Martha Jones explores how free black people fought for legal rights during the turbulent years before the Civil War.


    To be free and black then was to live a life of extreme uncertainty. The laws at that time were hostile, and the Supreme Court barred former slaves the right to U.

    It was, according to Jones, a "middle ground between slavery and freedom. In her debut book, former first lady Michelle Obama gives an honest and revealing look into her entire life before and after her time in the White House. She writes about her formative childhood years and seminal life events including meeting Barack Obama, forging a career in law, and the death of her father in such a way that it is easy to imagine that you are having a casual and intimate conversation over coffee with Mrs.

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    Obama herself rather than reading a memoir. This book is about her life particularly but speaks of larger, broader topics such as motherhood, racial injustice, resiliency, and the belief in the humanity to change and grow. A great read! As a college professor, I can say with certainty this book changed the way I see and engage with students in my classroom, particularly those who are first-generation. Westover's memoir is an interesting and engaging read about her life growing up in Idaho with very little exposure to mainstream American society.

    When she begins college, it is the first time she experiences any standardized education. Her struggles to learn, ability to overcome insecurity, and her exploration of her personal beliefs versus those of her family are written about in excellent ways. This is a wonderful book for those in education who wish to learn more about the diverse experiences individuals bring into the classroom.

    It is also a helpful read for any one who has had the privilege of consistently benefiting from standard education and would like to challenge the blind spots that this may create. This book will also challenge one's definition of what it means to truly be educated. This book is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in the ways in which culture, politics, and religion intersect. Moreover, this is a must read for anyone who desires to learn more about the ways Americans have historically used Christianity to justify and enable racism and racial injustice.

    Tisby's book is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom about American history and the ways in which religion has been involved in the oppression and marginalization of African Americans. Though the book is oftentimes difficult to emotionally process because of the unsettling facts presented, Tisby does well to separate what he believes is a true understanding of Christ's gospel from a damaging cultural interpretation of just that.

    Ella Jane Sandwell

    Anyone who wants to be challenged to pursue racial advocacy and justice as it relates to Christianity should read this book. In this engaging work, Orlean takes a deep dive into the Los Angeles Public Library's history and its place in its city and, at the same time, tells the broader story of libraries and librarians in America. Using the fire as her entry point into the library's story, she takes her readers through a whodunit mystery, a history of libraries, an examination of the role and profession of librarians, and a sociological reflection of the evolution of the public library particularly the urban public library.

    Readers who love books, libraries, and librarians will enjoy this work. Maisie Dobbs is the complex and compelling heroine of Jacqueline Winspear's fun series of mystery novels. At the beginning of the series, she is a smart household servant navigating life before the outbreak of World War I and, in this fifteenth installment of the series, she is a mature woman surviving the London Blitz and taking care of her family, all while serving her country and clients of her investigation firm.

    Winspear has created a strong character and interesting mysteries, her historical research is spot on, and her writing is very good.