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She greets them, imperious in blue-black and gold with a high Victorian face, she escorts them all to rooms so they can stay the night in her manor. Of course, closeness with death and the mysteries is the ancient mentor's Despite her elderly exterior, she easily fends off the Frightful Four when they try to kidnap the boy.

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Suzanne DeWitt Hall. But that doesn't stop a dog from saving the day in a most unusual way.

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Heather Has Two Mo mmies. Pre-K — K. She has two arms, two legs, and two pets. And she also has two mommies. As school begins, Heather sees that, "the most important thing about a family is that all the people in it love one another. Home at Last. Vera B.

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It's the sweet dog, Wincka, who finally solves the problem and helps Lester feels home at last. Pre-K — 2 After learning about South Africa in school, the inquisitive and lighthearted Keesha dreams of going to see it for herself. She gets the surprise of a lifetime when her two moms decide to take her there. The religion of the Old Gods simply has no clergy, so the wedding ceremony is usually officiated by the father of the groom Roose. In the North , where the Old Gods of the Forest still hold sway, there is no clergy in the religion so the wedding ceremony is apparently simply officiated by the head of the groom's household usually his father.

At night, the bride is led to the heart tree at the center of the godswood, with lanterns set up to light the path. The wedding ceremony is conducted at night in a castle's godswood , before the sacred weirwood heart tree at its center with a face carved into its trunk ages before, so that the ceremony can be witnessed by the Old Gods. The guests carry torches to light the area, and the groom waits before the heart tree with them.

The bride is ritualistically led to the group gathered around the heart tree by a member of her family - usually her father or one of her brothers but it can also be a ward of their family.

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After leading the bride before the heart tree, he formally presents her to the person officiating the ceremony - overall this is similar to the part of the wedding ceremony in the Faith of the Seven in which a bride's father or other close relative if her father is dead leads her into a sept and presents her before the officiating septon at the altar.

The bride and groom exchange vows before the wedding guests assembled in front of the heart tree.

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After the bride is led before the heart tree, several ritualistic lines are exchanged between the officiator and the person presenting the bride. First, the groom's father demands who comes before the Old Gods. The bride's presenter responds that they have come to beg the blessing of the Gods for their marriage, before asking who comes to claim her:.

The groom steps forward and announces his claim before asking who gives his bride away. The bride then agrees by saying "I take this man", and the wedding is done. The entire ceremony is simpler than the longer wedding ceremony in the Faith of the Seven which involves more steps and the lengthy recitation of various prayers, etc. As with the Faith of the Seven, after the ceremony at which the vows are exchanged, the wedding party celebrates with a large feast.

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Sansa Stark was wed to Ramsay Bolton in such a ceremony. Since her father and brothers were all thought to be dead, Theon Greyjoy, who had been Lord Stark's ward, gave her away while Lord Roose Bolton, Ramsay's father, officiated the ceremony. The Free Folk clans that live beyond the Wall called "wildlings" by the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms also follow the religion of the Old Gods of the Forest like their Northmen cousins do as both descend from the First Men.

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Wildling social customs, however, are apparently much simpler - given that they don't have a hereditary system of inheritance necessitating political marriages between different aristocratic dynasties. Having captured a woman, a wildling man prevents her attempt to kill him with a dagger: as a result, they are "married". The "bride" can and often will try to slit his throat, and if he prevents her from succeeding, quite simply they are considered "married".

Wildling women - many of whom are spearwives capable of holding their own in combat - want a husband who is strong, quick, and cunning. Thus if a man manages to capture her and overpower her attempts to kill him, he has proven that he is worthy and earns her respect. Given that Jon Snow managed to capture Ygritte, and later had sex with her, they could technically be considered "married" in wildling culture. Similarly, when they had sex in the novels, Gilly exclaimed that she is Samwell's "wife" now. The traditional Dothraki wedding ceremony is a daylong feast in which gifts are presented to the new couple.

Displays of personal combat, duels to the death, and wild public orgies are commonplace at such feasts.

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A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair. The wedding feast lasts from dawn to sunset, at which time the new husband and wife consummate their marriage.

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Because the Dothraki spend most of their time riding on the open plains, everything of importance in Dothraki culture is done outdoors under the sky. Thus, on their wedding night, a Dothraki couple rides away from the main camp to the open plains, and consummate their marriage under the stars. It isn't clear if any further ceremony or religious invocations are made at a Dothraki wedding, as no priests seem to be present.

However, after marrying a khal is expected to return back to the Dothraki holy city Vaes Dothrak to present his new bride to the dosh khaleen , the council of widows of past khals who essentially form the only "priesthood" that the Dothraki have, interpreting favorable omens from the Great Stallion that is the central deity of their religion. Thus there are no wedding customs or legal restrictions: " Bastardy " is an alien concept on Naath, and thus no children are punished for their parents not being "married" the way bastards are stigmatized in Westeros.

When new recruits join the Night's Watch such as Jon and Samwell , they take oaths of celibacy. The clergy of the Faith of the Seven such as Septa Mordane take vows of celibacy. Of course, people have been known to surreptitiously break their vows of celibacy: Night's Watch men stationed at Castle Black are known to sneak off to the brothel in Mole's Town , and maesters such as Pycelle have been known to have sex with prostitutes, as can clergymen in the Faith Septon Ollidor of the Most Devout in the novels, which the TV series condensed with the second High Septon.

Breaking vows of celibacy can be met with variable punishments in these different organizations, or be punished more or less severely within the same organization: at worst, clergymen or maesters can be expelled from their orders, but because Night's Watch vows are taken for life, technically a death sentence is the maximum possible penalty - though in practice it is usually met with a lighter sentence particularly in recent generations when the Watch's numbers have dwindled so badly that it can't afford to lose any more men.

The medieval society of Westeros does not have a concept of an intervening life stage of "adolescence" between childhood and adulthood: the legal age of majority for boys is sixteen in the novels though it may have been increased to eighteen in the TV series. As soon as a boy reaches his sixteenth nameday , he suddenly becomes "a man grown". The age of majority is technically the same for girls, but a girl is usually considered to become "a woman" upon flowering menstruating for the first time. It is considered perverse and unusual to have sex with or marry a young girl who has not flowered yet.

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  6. However, once a girl has begun menstruating, she is instantly considered "a woman" and capable of marrying though due to lower nutritional standards in medieval societies like Westeros, girls tend to menstruate at later ages than in modern times, around 12 to 16 years old. While girls can be married as soon as they flower, however, powerful noble families will more often wait to marry off their daughters until they can find a very good marriage-pact to enter them into.

    While it is seen as perverse to marry and bed a young girl who has not yet flowered, betrothals can be made earlier - with the actual marriage not being entered into for several years. None of the known cultures in the novels has ever been described as practicing some form of same-sex marriage - though little has been said about cultures outside of Westeros , and hardly any specific detail is known about the cultures east of the Bone Mountains east of the Dothraki and Qarth or the southern regions of Sothoryos.

    This is not to say that same-sex marriage is "prohibited" in Westeros, it has simply never existed. Marriages are rarely made for love in Westeros, however, but to secure political alliances - and it is generally understood that a man's closest friends will be other men, not his wife. Thus while "homosexual marriage" doesn't exist in Westeros, "homo social relationships" are by far the norm.

    For example, the person that Robert Baratheon "loved" most in the world was his lifelong friend and brother-in-arms Eddard Stark , while Robert's arranged marriage to his wife Queen Cersei was filled with mutual hatred and resentment. To Robert, Cersei was just some woman that lived in his castle for breeding purposes.

    Publicly, while the exact nature of Renly and Loras's relationship is a secret, the fact that Renly openly seems to have a closer relationship with Loras than with his own wife Margaery isn't seen as particularly unusual. Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen are the product of generations of compound inbreeding, incestuously wedding brother to sister to "keep the bloodlines pure". Most cultures across Westeros and Essos have rules against incest - sexual contact between direct family members siblings, parents, or children , though the specific rules can vary.

    Most major religions in both Westeros and Essos consider marriage between brothers and sisters to be incest. The dragonlords of the old Valyrian Freehold , however, who once ruled much of Essos, preferred to marry brother to sister "to keep the bloodlines pure". The Doom of Valyria , four hundred years before the War of the Five Kings, wiped out their civilization. One Valyrian noble family, however, survived the Doom with living dragons : House Targaryen , which a hundred years later conquered and unified the Seven Kingdoms, and proceeded to rule them for the next three centuries.

    The Targaryens' continued practice of incestuous brother-sister marriages was always a point of contention with the Faith of the Seven , which considered it to be an abomination.